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Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist Sydney

Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist clinic work with Engage Online Marketing to better understand their clients and how to engage them to deliver treatments and services they want and need. Smoother skin work on the Gold Marketing Service.


2013_16_Detail Woman Logos V3Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist are conveniently located on site with Smoother Skin Clinic, Detail for Men and Detail Woman. They are one of the leading providers of PicoWay laser tattoo removal sydney because they invest in the leading technology to remove or fade a tattoo. Andrew Chim from Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist said:


“Not many people know that how you first begin to remove or treat your tattoo will have an impact on how successful your removal will be. Many clinics in Sydney are marketing acid injections or IPL removal. These methods only lead to scarring and reduce the effectiveness of proven tattoo removal sydney options like the PicoSecond tattoo removal device which is the gold standard in laser tattoo removal”.

Featuring the top PicoSecond tattoo removal device The PicoWay by Syneron-Candela, Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist can remove tattoos faster, with less pain and less recovery time.


Over 7 Years Experience In One Guide

With over seven years of tattoo removal experience under their belt, they have produced the Consumer Guide to Laser Tattoo Removal Sydney, a free guide that goes into areas such as:

  • What is a tattoo and how it stays in your skin
  • Options for Tattoo removal
  • The science behind laser tattoo removal
  • What to expect before, during and after a treatment
  • Risks
  • Frequently asked questions

This comprehensive guide is designed to be a resource for anyone considering tattoo removal to fade their tattoo or to remove it entirely.


Educating Sydney on Tattoo Removal

The guide was produced as a one stop resource to educate anyone considering the vast marketing claims that many Sydney clinics were making with inferior nanosecond Q-switch devices. To constantly update people through their Facebook page and via their tattoo removal blog, Detail Tattoo Removal Specialist publish on average a blog article per week.

Some the most popular articles have received over 200 shares or likes on Facebook and engaged many people on their removal journey. Below are a small selection of the most popular articles:


The Perception of Cost

With the tattoo removal market in Australia being largely unregulated, Sydney prices for tattoo removal vary wildly. This is because there is nothing stopping someone buying a cheap device from China and starting a tattoo removal clinic.

The price that should matter to a consumer  total Sydney laser tattoo removal cost to remove or fade your tattoo. This is how many treatments multiplied by the cost per treatment. For example, $90 sounds like a great price but multiply it by 15 treatments and the total cost is $1,350. If you’re quoted $170 per treatment it sounds expensive but multiply it by just 6 treatments and the total cost is less at $1,020. This does not take into account the travel costs, parking or time off work for the additional 7 treatments.



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