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The Harley ClinicThe Harley Clinic located in Sydney and Brisbane. Focusing on cosmetic medical treatments that are discreet and private, they are doctor lead clinics. They have the latest cryolipolysis device in Australia called the CoolTech or “fat freezing” device.

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CoolTech – Non Surgical Liposuction

Today everyone is looking for convenience, if you can reduce your waist line in a single treatment or two treatments taking 60-70 minutes, this is very attractive to many people. There are a lot of “fat reduction” treatments on the market but few are permanent fat reduction like the CoolTech device at The Harley Clinic.

One of the unique benefits of the CoolTech is it has two treatment paddles. This allows the operator to permanently reduce the fat in two locations. Other clinics would need to have two coolsculpting devices to do the same treatment.

Skin Treatments

PRP treatments

Leading the way in PRP treatments, The Harley Clinic use Factor4 as the next generation of PRP injectables. This has four times more growth factors than other Platelet-rich plasma treatments, with no additives. Effectively you are using the growth and healing properties of your own blood to rejuvenate your skin in the most natural way.


Skin Needling

From the same company that brought you Factor4, advanced skin needling with Mderma is an additional facial rejuvenation treatment on offer at The Harley Clinic. read more about this treatment.


Anti Wrinkle Injections

One of the top cosmetic or beauty treatments for many years, cosmetic injectables are becoming more and more popular.  Using only the industries best anti wrinkle brands and injected by their on site doctor, this is a treatment that The Harley Clinic are very well known for. see more on their website.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

This is a subject and a treatment that not many people want to talk about. It is a subject that many people should talk about because this effects a large portion of men over 40 (and younger). It is also more than the erectile dysfunction it also flows through to loss of confidence, loss of self esteem and often leads to problems in relationships and career.

Guide to erectile dysfunctionAs part of the work that Engage Online Marketing have been doing on the Gold Marketing service a consumer guide to erectile dysfunction has been written and designed into a downloadable piece of content. This will be used to communicate in a way with potential clients that is not intrusive and is educational. A person researching erectile dysfunction can download this free guide and consumer the information in private or with their partner to make a decision if this is a treatment they would like to enquire about.


There are many treatments for this common concern, but most of them, especially prescribed by a GP involve taking drugs. The Harley Clinic investigated and found a treatment that is natural and proven by physicians internationally. With their Brisbane doctor trained and certified in the p-shot or Priapus shot there have already been a number of clients who have taken this treatment.

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