5 Reasons Your Clinic Should Use SMS Marketing

SMS marketing agencyWhen it comes to driving more consultation bookings or revenue in your clinic, we divide marketing activities into two buckets.

  1. Marketing to your current database of patients to increase the lifetime revenue per patient
  2. Marketing to new patients who have never heard of you


SMS marketing falls is the most effective and cost effective way of marketing to your current database to bring those clients back into your clinic. That could be sending this month’s special (most popular) or communicating your Christmas operating hours.

In this article we cover the top 5 reasons your clinic should be using SMS marketing to bring your clients back into your clinic to increase your revenue. Many clinics often say that they have SMS marketing through their clinic or patient management software. In our experience, 90% of the patient management software in clinics cannot send a bulk SMS to all or part of your database. Your patient management system also won’t include your website enquiries.


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1. 98% of patients read an SMS

SMS marketing has the highest engagement rate out of any marketing activity.

Email marketing has an open rate of 21.33%, according to ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Benchmarks.

Compare this to SMS marketing, which has a 98% open rate! Within three minutes of delivery, 90% of recipients open a text message. Consider this a guaranteed read rate.

It’s no surprise since every person carries their mobile phone with them 24/7 and unless they are in the pool or on a plane (not likely these days), they will be checking their phone 50+ times a day. SMS is one of the quickest and most affordable tools to help you reach your database.

Our online SMS service also provides real-time statistics, which include handset delivery reports, bounce, opt-out, and click-through rates, and SMS replies. All the information is there to help you make smarter, clinic marketing decisions.


2. Reach customers anywhere

According to the Deloitte 2019 study, 91% of Australians have a smartphone device. So if 91% of your patients have a smart phone and 98% of them read your SMS within 3 minutes, this makes SMS marketing to your patients the most effective way to get your education/ service/ special in front of their face.


3. The most cost-effective marketing activity

To send one SMS to 1,000 of your current patients will cost just $88. Each SMS can have a clickable link and clickable phone number. 90% of your patients who trust your clinic, have had a consultation or treatment in your clinic to open that SMS in the first 3 minutes and 98% reading your marketing SMS. You won’t find another marketing activity that has this penetration at such a low cost.


4. Simple setup process, fast results

Engage Online Marketing will set up your SMS account for you. That includes uploading your database and even sending your first SMS for you! From there you can mange your own SMS campaigns. We will also provide you with video tutorials on how to use the system, or the team at Engage Online Marketing can do this for you each month.


5. Automate Google review management for FREE

For aesthetic and beauty clinics, Google reviews are essential.  Online reviews provide your business with visibility and credibility. Google reviews help your business appear in front of your potential customers in the Google Maps section of a Google search (3 map results) and help them choose you over your competitors.

For a limited time when you sign up for a free SMS account (1 SMS costs just $0.088c) and add $50 credit, you will get a free automated Google review SMS set up (valued at $300).

If you don’t currently send SMS messages to your patients, set up a free SMS account and for a limited time get free Google review SMS set up.

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