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5 Reasons Your Clinic Should Use SMS Marketing

When it comes to driving more consultation bookings or revenue in your clinic, we divide marketing activities into two buckets. Marketing to your current database of patients to increase the lifetime revenue per patient Marketing to new patients who have never heard of you   SMS marketing falls is the most effective and cost effective […]

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Why Your Clinic’s Website Is Leaking Patients – Speed Matters In 2021

When it comes to your clinic website, speed matters! This is coming directly from the place where 95% of Australian’s search for a clinic or treatment near to them, Google. Yes, 95% of Australian’s search Google to find information, services and answers to their face, body and appearance concerns.   In 2020 your clinic’s mobile […]

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Blog - Why your clinic website just got more valuable

Why your clinic website just got more valuable

It may surprise you to learn that your clinic website is the most valuable marketing asset you have. Most clinics will say it’s their staff, expertise, technology or quality of service that is the most valuable.  BUT, consumers or patients will never get to experience all of those qualities if they have never even heard […]

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