Why your clinic website just got more valuable

Blog - Why your clinic website just got more valuableIt may surprise you to learn that your clinic website is the most valuable marketing asset you have. Most clinics will say it’s their staff, expertise, technology or quality of service that is the most valuable.  BUT, consumers or patients will never get to experience all of those qualities if they have never even heard of your clinic, or never visit your business. We explain the value of a good website and why most clinics are falling down in this critical area of their marketing.

The last tow years have seen a lot of changes, namely with Facebook stopping clinics from reaching consumers via posting on their clinic Facebook page.


Facebook announced that:

“Posts you see in your News Feed are meant to keep you connected to the people, places and things that you care about, starting with your friends and family.”

The most important part of this statement is “starting with your friends and family”. According to Facebook, the average Facebook user has about 338 friends. This means Facebook will now give priority to the photos, videos and content from the on average 338 of your friends and family, ahead of your business’s unpaid posts.

If part of your marketing budget currently goes to paying an employee or external company to create and post on your Facebook page, this is now a waste of your money and it’s time to stop. Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is now essential.


What is paid advertising?

There are two main paid advertising platforms our agency sees working well for clinics; Facebook/ Instagram and Google. Through the Facebook Ads Manager, your clinic can advertise on Facebook, Instagram and their network of websites. Through Google Adwords you can create an ad that sits at the top of a Google search, targeting a particular search term. Both channels are essentially buying a visitor or a click to your website. It is important to understand this because the goal of paid advertising is not to interact so much with a person on Google or on Facebook, the primary purpose is to get them to click on your ad to visit a page on your website. Essentially you are renting space on one of the major social media or search engines.


Just how important is your website?

Your website is the most critical part of your marketing strategy. We consistently see clinics spending $30,000+ per annum on digital advertising across Facebook, Instagram, Google Adwords and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), only to fail as they spent $2,000 on a website with poor content, giving a bad user experience and not converting well.

“Your website gives the visitor a first impression about your business. If this first impression is poor, you will most likely never hear from this consumer, your competition will”.

The primary goal of digital advertising is to make a person click from Facebook/ Instagram or Google to your website. It is then the job of your website to turn that visitor into a lead (phone call, online booking, online enquiry or subscription), to get their contact details so your in-clinic team can convert them to a customer. Many of the consumers you are targeting on social media will never have heard of your business before. Your website gives the visitor a first impression about your business. If this first impression is poor, you will most likely never hear from this consumer, your competition will.


Analogy time

Let’s say your clinic website was a car. If your clinic website was a 2021 Audi it would run extremely well offering a comfortable, enjoyable and engaging ride that would be memorable. If however, your clinic website was a 1980’s Hyundai that had never been serviced or updated, it’s not likely to impress, provide a smooth ride or be memorable.

As a digital agency, we see many clinics and practices wasting their budget on digital advertising because the website backing it up is poor. Often this leads to a clinic owner blaming Facebook, Instagram or Google advertising for lack or ROI or performance.

The quality or experience a visitor gets on your website comes down to many things; how fast it loads, if it is a good experience on mobile, if the visitor can find what they are looking for fast and much, much more. A “good experience” is a direct result of good website design and layout backed up by well written content.


The importance of a “mobile friendly” website

On average, 60% to 70+% of consumers visit a clinic’s website on their mobile. Facebook alone has over 7 million daily mobile users in Australia. Google has announced it will be moving to a mobile first algorithm, that it will be prioritising those websites that give a good experience on mobile. It is safe to assume that if you send an email to a client, they will read this on their mobile. If a consumer clicks on a Facebook ad, they will visit your website on their mobile. When was the last time you read your treatment page on your mobile? Does it look good? Is the information presented well? Do you have the most important information at the top of the page with a clear next step for the visitor?


Next steps

Hopefully, this article has made you think about your clinic website. If you would like a free website report, fill in the form below this email and get your FREE website audit. Make sure you review your website frequently from a consumers’ point of view. Test the phone number and test the forms on your website to make sure it is working. If you have a 1980’s Hyundai website that you have never fixed up, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model with better performance!

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