Why Your Clinic’s Website Is Leaking Patients – Speed Matters In 2021

website speed fixWhen it comes to your clinic website, speed matters! This is coming directly from the place where 95% of Australian’s search for a clinic or treatment near to them, Google. Yes, 95% of Australian’s search Google to find information, services and answers to their face, body and appearance concerns.


In 2020 your clinic’s mobile website mattered

In 2020 Google introduced the mobile first algorithm. This basically said that your mobile website is now the most important version of your website, more important than what you can see on your desktop. Everything from where you rank in organic search results through to how much you pay for a Google Ad (PPC) is affected by your mobile version of your website. This still matters in 2021. If you haven’t checked your website on a mobile lately, you could be suffering heavy penalties by Google because of poor website performance on mobile, because according to Google, this is the only version of your website that matters.

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In 2021 website speed matters

One of the most important factors Google will focus on in 2021 is website speed.  How fast your website pages load, directly affects the user experience of a website visitor. Give them a bad experience (ie; your webpage takes more than 5 seconds to load), they will click back to Google. But give them a fast experience (under 3 seconds), combined with the information they are looking for in front of them and you stand a chance to turn that visitor into a consultation booking.

According to a Google study, when they improved the speed (load time) of a website in their test by just 0.1 of a second it increased the conversion rates (for clinics the bookings or enquiries) by 8%. In our experience, most medical or aesthetic websites are extremely slow. They usually have very large photos and our basic speed service which is just $70 will half the load time or double the speed of a website.

improving your load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%

If your webpage takes too long to load, Google can completely remove it from the search results.

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