Prevent your website from being hacked

Of if you have already been hacked, we can help too

Preventing your website from being hacked

With 22+ years of digital marketing experience, we have seen a lot of websites destroyed or held hostage by hackers. The numbers worldwide are 30,000+ sites get hacked each day. I personally wish these people would use their talents for something good, but that is another conversation.

Hopefully, you are here because you want to protect your website from being hacked. Great, we offer a preventative security service that includes comprehensive security software on your website hosting and the front end of your website (usually WordPress). To discuss your website or websites, please fill in the form below and we can discuss what will keep your critical websites live and we also provide a guaratee that your website will not be hacked, or we will clean and rebuild your website.

HELP my site has been hacked – Recovering your site

This is a more common occurrence. Unfortunately, no one wants to know about protecting their site and the monthly cost it will take until they actually get hacked.

We can attempt to recover your website and clean any malware from your server and relaunch your website. The majority of times the website is not able to be saved and we need to rebuild the website. We can usualy have this done in 2 weeks, we can sometimes do this faster.

The bad news is, once your site has been hacked, they will never stop trying to get back in. This means haveing ongoing security on your server and front-end CMS (usually wordpress) to stop the hundreds, sometimes thousands of attempts per day moving forward.

Please fill in the form below and we will get back to you the same day to help you.

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